My Kids With a Camera

My kids love taking photo’s.  What kid doesn’t? I use to have a blog (still do), where I would upload the images the kids took.  I kind of let that blog slide though (oops). I have not uploaded anything to it in a very long time (like a year, another big opps).

Then the other day I thought, why not combined that aspect of my life, and my kids lives into the RunMum blog. My readers might like something different and something fun and light hearted.

Feel free to look through the other My Kids With a Camera (aka MKWAC) posts.

For the time being I would like to show some photo-bombing fun that the kids captured of myself and Tom back in July.

This one was taken by Miles, as you can see Kayla being a ‘Dead Ant’ in the background.


21Jul2013_0946Have you ever done a photobomb?
Best Photobomb you’ve ever seen? My fav has to be the Cow photobombing a Horse stuck in a fence. You can see it here.
Comment if you would like to have a Photobomb Link up for September?