Just a Shirt

When I was fat, I pretty much got rid of all my thin clothes.  The reason I didn’t keep any was because I got pregnant, and I was no longer working, so didn’t really see the need to keep any or my work/thin  clothes. So I got rid of them. I honestly didn’t see the point of holding on to them.

I know for some people that they keep at least one item of clothing.  Usually it’s a pair of jeans or a dress.  I had both, but got rid of them because they didn’t fit.  They actually got too big!

The other day I was interviewed for a new fitness blog and was ask for some pictures. So I went through my photo albums of when I was at rock bottom, and found an image to use.

While at my mums during the school holidays I was look through the draws and came across the same shirt. I thought this would be perfect opportunity for a before and after.

same shirt diff person

(Please excuse the dirty mirror)

So on the left is me in Jan 2010.  I was approx 78-80kg | 171-176lbs, and life was pretty miserable. Fast forward to the picture on the right, which is July 2013, and I’m float between 62-64kg | 136-140lbs, and my life is pretty spectacular.

My change didn’t happen overnight.  As you can see, it took time.  There are no quick fixes.

Yes I cleaned up my diet and moved more. But I’m not going to say “it was that simple”, because you know what, it wasn’t.

I learned a bucket load on my journey, and I still am.  And I encourage you to as well.

I’ve armed myself with loads of information.  Yes things have been trial and error along the way.  I’ve discovered things that do work for me and what doesn’t.  It’s been a balancing act, but I’m now balanced in mind body and soul, and I like and love who I am.

So yes, it’s just a shirt, but it’s more than that, it’s been a life changing story. It’s been my transformation from fat and miserable, to fit, healthy and loved.