Monday Motivation – Enjoy Life

We can all name things we hate/dislike.

Most people can easily find the negative things in their life or the people around them, but don’t seem to notice the good things that happen to them too.

Last week for me was a pretty miserable week.  I was feeling sick, fat and just down right rotten.  I knew it was a phase (well I was hoping it was), and that it would pass. It did, and all it took was a good belly laugh over something really silly.

We really do take what we have for granted.  My life is good.  Sure I have moments where I feel under-appreciated, but they are usually short lived.

The short of it is, that we need to be in love with our life.  Because when we love our life and the people in it, things are just so much more enjoyable.

Have a sensational week all.