Why the Marathon is NOT for me

For some people the Marathon distance of 42.2km | 26.2mi is a goal that they want to achieve.

To finish a Marathon

For others it’s a progression of achieving another distance.

When I first started running I thought 5km was far enough, let alone 42.2km.

But as I ran more and more, I could see why people liked going longer distances.

After I ran my first fun run, in March 2012 I was addicted.  I had my eyes set on achieving 10km.  When I achieved that in May 2012, I then thought, what about a half.  It’s doable.  So I bit the bullet and dived right in.

I love the half distance (21.1km |13.1mi). I don’t know what it is about this distance I love, but I just do.

A lot of people have asked me if I will ever do a Marathon.  I use to tell them, I’m not sure, maybe.  But as time has gone on, and I have more knowledge in my head and heart.  I know that the Marathon is definitely not for me.

There are lot of factors as to why, so let me explain them to you.


Plays a HUGE factor in this.

So there is the time you have to put into training.

When you get closer to your ‘Marathon’ date, your long distance runs are anywhere from 3 to 4 hours long.  That’s a massive chunk of time for me.  I don’t have the luxury of that.  I have a family to look after.  I’m a single parent during the weekdays, as my partner works away from home.

Yes I can run on the days the kids are in care, however I still need to run a household and a business, and I don’t have the option of going for runs after work or dinner.

My kids are still very young.  Miss K is 6, and Master M is 4.  They need to be looked after.  I just can’t leave them home alone. They are not able to look after themselves (even though they think they can).
I also will not sacrifice time away from them.  Family time with them is important to me.  And I rather build a solid family foundation than be selfish by being out running for 3 to 4 hours at a time.


The distance doesn’t actually interest me.  If it did, then I would show more interest, and possibly want to do it. And that’s another factor.


If you really want something, then you work at achieving it.  My want factor of achieving a full marathon is like 0 (ZERO).  And that comes down to Interest and Time (again).


All that training is going to have a huge physical, mental, and spiritual toll.  And I rather not go into something  knowing that I could hate it by the end of it.

So why ruin a good thing.  I love running yes, but I also know me and what I’m capable of.  So I’m happy sticking to the half distance, and I wont be doing a full marathon any time soon.


For those that have run a marathon what has been your experience.  Loved it or hated it?
For those who haven’t run a marathon would you consider it.  Why or why not.