Transformation Journey – What I’ve Learnt

So I figured it would be a good time to reflect on my journey.  My journey hasn’t ended, but reflecting back makes me realise how far I’ve come and how much I have achieved.

16kg less

The other reason is that I thought that it would be a good idea to do this post so others who are starting out have and idea of:

  1. Just what is possible.
  2. To dream big.
  3. But to have some sort of road map.

Just remember your journey will be different, but if we don’t have a map how do we know which way to go.

Now I initially thought that I would have all of this in one post, but it’s going to be way too much information, so I’m going to break it down into parts.

How this all started was because the other day I was going through my bookshelf trying to find an envelope.  I didn’t find the envelope but I did find a notebook.  A notebook that only had a few pages filled, but was filled with a ton of goals. Which brings me to the 1st thing on my “What I’ve learnt” list.

1. Set Goals

For many of us we set goals on the 1st of Jan, and then Feb rolls around and then we are like “well I didn’t achieve anything”, and so we give up.

That use to be me. And I bet that use to to be you.  I say use to, cause well that’s not you any more.

The problem with goal setting is, that most people know how to set goals, just not how to achieve them.

Start setting SMART goals.

S Specific Significant, stretching, simple
M Measurable Motivational, manageable, meaningful
A Attainable Appropriate, achievable, agreed, assignable, actionable, adjustable, ambitious, aligned, aspirational, acceptable, action-focused
R Relevant Result-based, results-oriented, resourced, resonant, realistic
T Time-bound Time-oriented, time framed, timed, time-based, timeboxed, time-specific, timetabled, time limited, trackable, tangible

So that goal you have, write it down (if you haven’t already), and break it down.  Pull it apart.  Dissect it until you know it inside and out.

Then go and learn everything you can and need to know about how to achieve that goal.  Brain dump it.  Write it all down. Every single little bit. All of it, whether you think it’s big or small, doesn’t matter, put it down, on paper.

make goals

See these list of goals.  They were mine. I say were, because of the 18 goals I wrote down (dated May 2012), I achieved 10 of them. What happened with the other 8.  Well my priorities changed, and so the goals changed.  This happens. Doesn’t mean you have failed, it just means something else was of more importance, and so the goals change.
This is why I write down my goals every week.  Yep weekly.  Not only does it help to reinforce your goal, but when you achieve your goal, it gets replaced with a new one.

So start setting goals.  Doesn’t matter how big or small, all that matters is, if it’s important to you write it down.

What goals do you have? How is that goal progressing? When do you hope to achieve it?
Feel free to write a little or a lot, and share the love.