April Running Stats

Wow April is done and dusted. That’s 1/3 of the year gone.

This year really is flying by, and May will be over before I know it.

I must say though that I have quite enjoyed the month of April.  I’m not sure if it’s because run club has started for the seasons (yay), or because I’ve had a few very enjoyable runs. Hey it could even be both. Lets just go with both.

So we have had some big events in April.

  1. was the Geelong Half Marathon, which you can read about here
  2. was my victory in the Horsham Little Aths run in Horsham, which you can read here.

So the running stats are as follows:
Garmin – 113.41km
Nike + – 105km
Run Keeper – 111.5km

I’m going to go with the Garmin stats.

Now if you are wondering why I use Nike+ and Run Keeper, well I use them as back up.  There are also features on those sites that Garmin don’t have.  Yeah it can be a pain to log it, but better to have it backed up than to loose all my info.

So for graph geeks out there here are the graphs.

First up Garmin.

garmin connectWhat I like about the Garmin stats, is that they are simple.  Now if you are thinking “what about avg run cadence” which if I had the fancy Garmin 910 it would work it out for me, but alas I do not, I have to work it out myself, which means actually counting my steps per min.
I’ve done it before, and I think it’s around 160ish, but don’t quote me on that, it’s been a while since I’ve done it.

Now for Nike +april stats

So the Nike + stats have a lot more information.  This is basically the dashboard (for those of you that don’t use it).  It’s has all the info on there.  It has other bonus stuff too, like “time of day you run most”, which I think is kinda cool.
The other features of Nike + I love are the fact that you can note how you feel on each run, what the weather was like, but best part you can add a shoe.  So you know how many km’s you have done on that particular shoe.  Garmin and Run Keeper don’t have this feature.

Last but not least, Run Keeper. Now I thought I would add a different graph.  This particular graph shows you my Personal Records.  Now you can see that April 2013 really was my ‘best’ month, with lots of personal achievements  How cool is that!
april best stats

So what does May bring me? Well more running of course.  I’ve added another day of running, which is a slow recovery run on a Tuesday.  It will be an early morning run, so only 3km, but so far it’s been good.

May also brings Run The Gap, which I’m super excited about, cause I get to run on home turf.  I love the Grampians.

So whatever May brings I’m going to go out there and crush it!