Tough Mudder: My Mud Wear

So you are about to embark on your first Tough Mudder.

What do you wear?Onion Girl after Arctic Enema

Well it all depends on the location, and the temperature.

For my first Tough Mudder event this is what I wore.

This was right after the 1st obstacle, which happened to be Arctic Enema.  I kid you not, it was cold, and I was glad to be out of it, hence the face.

Top: Short Sleeves, Slim Fit
Bottom: Leggings, that cover the knees
Socks: Old cotton socks
Shoes: Old runners
Other: Uv Arm sleeves, bike gloves.

Tough Mudder Wear – What Worked?

Slim Fitting Top

Wear a top that is slim fitting.

You will get wet and weighed down with mud.

Excess material will get caught on barb-wire, wood, tree’s and rocks.

Arm Sleeves / Long Sleeve Top

If you don’t have access to arm sleeves then I would suggest wearing a long sleeve top instead.

A long sleeve top acts as a uv protector, so you don’t have to apply sunscreen to your arms.

It will also prevent your arms getting knicks and cuts.

If you get hot then just push up the sleeves.

Wear a long sleeve top in events that fall in Autumn/Fall or Spring.

Old Runners

Wear an old pair of shoes that you don’t mind that will go in the bin afterwards.

They will get ruined.

Tough Mudder Wear – What Didn’t Work?


I wore cotton socks.  Serious fail.  They retained everything! Water, mud, dirt, crap, you name it.

Either don’t wear socks, or wear compression socks instead.


Didn’t really need them, and just clogged up with water anyway.