Fit Test Results & Comparison

In September 2011 I started insanity.  I only did 1 month of it though and went back to Turbofire.

This time however I have stuck with it.  Well doing it with running at least.

My fitness has improved tenfold from when I started. But I think I was kidding myself with some of my results.  I say this because today I did my fit test (i haven’t done it since April, so I thought I should do it).  My form was perfect, but I did not get the same results as I did last time.  This is why I say I think I was cheating, cheating with my form. Here are my results either way. I’ll let my results speak for themselves, please not that I haven’t including all my results from all my fit tests.



Date 26.9.2011 14.11.11 27.04.12 20.06.12
Item Amount Amount Amount Amount
Switch Kicks 53 62 65 55
Power Jacks 34 56 53 50
Power Knees 76 97 100 101
Power Jumps 25 48 43 50
Globe Jumps 7 10 10 10
Suicide Jumps 11 15 18 18
Push up Jacks 13 22 22 24
Low Plank Obliques 37 63 64 65