How I measure up

When I 1st started my weight loss journey nearly a year a go I was unhappy and fat.  I was 78kg.

Today I am 65.9kg.  I have not seen a number in the 65’s since I was in high school.  Which is over 15 years ago!

Here are my stats from August 2011

waist – (1″ above belly button) 98cm
waist – (at belly button) 101
hips – 108cm
bust – 101cm
left arm – 35cm
right arm – 35cm
left thigh – 58cm
right thigh – 59cm
And from today
waist -74
waist – (at belly button) 88
hips – 97cm
bust – 92.5cm
left arm – 31cm
right arm – 31cm
left thigh – 51cm
right thigh – 51cm
So it just goes to show that with TIME you can change.  I have changed mentally, emotionally and of course physically.
My goal is to totally rock a bikini come summer time.