People are always complaining about time.

Mostly it’s “I never have enough time”. Which in my opinion (imo) is crap. We all have 24 hours in a day or 1440 minutes.

Notice how busy people always tend to get things done. I mean the saying goes “want something done, give it to a busy person”. And it’s true (unfortunately). People waste too much time on things that are unimportant. Why? Well it’s different for everyone. For some people they just don’t know what is important to them, or they do, but don’t know how to tackle it. If it is important to you, then you find a way.

Time is a lot of things to different people.  Some wish they had more of it, some wish they have less of it.

Time has a way of creeping up on us.  It also has a way of being incredible slow, especially when you want it to hurry up.

Time heals. We have all heard that one before, but it really does.  It can heal us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Time Changes us in so many different ways, and not just in the age sense it helps up to grow up.  Some people never grow up, they never learn, and they will never change.

I know personally for me the sense of time has changed. I appreciate time a lot more.  We should be lucky that we have time on our side, as growing old is a privilege denied to many. So let time be on your side, no against you, work with it, and it will work with you.

The Definition of Time if you care to read it that is:

time http://img.tfd.com/m/sound.swf (tm)



a. A nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.
b. An interval separating two points on this continuum; a duration: a long time since the last war; passed the time reading.
c. A number, as of years, days, or minutes, representing such an interval: ran the course in a time just under four minutes.
d. A similar number representing a specific point on this continuum, reckoned in hours and minutes: checked her watch and recorded the time, 6:17 a.m.
e. A system by which such intervals are measured or such numbers are reckoned: solar time.

a. An interval, especially a span of years, marked by similar events, conditions, or phenomena; an era. Often used in the plural: hard times; a time of troubles.
b. times The present with respect to prevailing conditions and trends: You must change with the times.
3. A suitable or opportune moment or season: a time for taking stock of one’s life.

a. Periods or a period designated for a given activity: harvest time; time for bed.
b. Periods or a period necessary or available for a given activity: I have no time for golf.
c. A period at one’s disposal: Do you have time for a chat?
5. An appointed or fated moment, especially of death or giving birth: He died before his time. Her time is near.

a. One of several instances: knocked three times; addressed Congress for the last time before retirement.
b. times Used to indicate the number of instances by which something is multiplied or divided: This tree is three times taller than that one. My library is many times smaller than hers.

a. One’s lifetime.
b. One’s period of greatest activity or engagement.
c. A person’s experience during a specific period or on a certain occasion: had a good time at the party.

a. A period of military service.
b. A period of apprenticeship.
c. Informal A prison sentence.

a. The customary period of work: hired for full time.
b. The period spent working.
c. The hourly pay rate: earned double time on Sundays.
10. The period during which a radio or television program or commercial is broadcast: “There’s television time to buy” (Brad Goldstein).
11. The rate of speed of a measured activity: marching in double time.
12. Music

a. The meter of a musical pattern: three-quarter time.
b. The rate of speed at which a piece of music is played; the tempo.
13. Chiefly British The hour at which a pub closes.
14. Sports A time-out.

1. Of, relating to, or measuring time.
2. Constructed so as to operate at a particular moment: a time release.
3. Payable on a future date or dates.
4. Of or relating to installment buying: time payments.
The point to this post? No clue, sometimes I’m just random. But I should mention that I started writing this post 4 days ago, only just got to finish it now