Retrospect/ive and Goals

We have all looked back at past events, and have seen where we have gone wrong. We have all thought to ourselves “If I only knew then what I know now”.
We all mistakes, it’s part of being human. But as humans we have the ability to change. To make a better version of ourselves. We can take those “what was I thinking’ moments, totally dissect them and turn them from a negative to a positive. That’s how we change. That’s how we can better ourselves.

So how do we be the best versions of ourselves. Well start small. Sure we can dream big, but it takes small steps to get to those big dreams. This is where goals comes into play.
We all have goals, or dreams, or whatever else you want to call them. Every year on the 1st of January people around the world make a list of things they want to happen that year. The top 3 things that are on that list are:
1. Loose weight
2. Quit Smoking
3. Get a better job (or something job related.
Then January comes and goes and when they get to February they are like “well that didn’t happen, oh well I’ll just give up now, things are ok now, I’ll just put up with it for a little longer”. DON’T SETTLE FOR GOOD ENOUGH! Yes that’s right I’m shouting!. Check out a fantastic article on Nerd Fitness about good enough go here .  The thing is that people don’t know how to make goals anymore, ok so it’s not so much making goals it’s actually achieving them. That’s where the problem lies. Ok so loose weight was on my list of goals. In fact I will show you my list of goals that I wrote in October 2011.
1. Get to 65kg
2. Run a 5km race in under 30 mins
3. Earn $6,000 in my photography business
4. Get baptized
5. Landscape my garden
6. Get a garden shed
7. Be the local birth photographer
8. Have a studio space
9. Learn and know how to speak spanish
10. Pay off my hecs debt
I will admit that when I first wrote these goals I really had no idea about what goals I wanted. But as I regularly wrote my goals and defined them, things really started to change. If you would like to learn more about goal setting and to do lists (yes they can really change your life!) then I strongly recommend doing PUSH. Yes it’s fitness orientated however you can take those principles and apply them to every area of your life.

So how are my goals going now.  Well they have slightly changed, as my priorities have changed as life happens. My goals are currently as stands:
1. I am at my goal weight of 62kg (bmi 22)
2. I have run a 10km race in 55 minutes
3. I have finished a half marathon
4. I have run and finished a half marathon
5. I have finished a tough mudder challenge
6. I am divorced
7. I have read 24 books with my eyes
8. I have a garden shed
9. I have paid off my hecs
10. I have weekly family fun days/nights

I do actually have more than 10 goals, I mean why limit it to just 10! But these particular goals I can see me finishing before the end of the year, ok except maybe 9, but I’m working on that one.

By setting goals and pushing yourself to get them (and the domino effect – push explains this), you get more confidence and you go from being ‘good enough’ to a ‘best of me’ version.

So be the best of you.

So… be your name  Kayla or Miles, or Bixy or Bray (yes I like to insert my kids names here)
or Modrecai Ali Van Allen O’Shea,
you’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.

(Thank you Dr.Seuss – Oh, the places you’ll go)