Wellness vs Goals

So I’m writing this while unwell.

Yep that’s right I’m sick with the tonsillitis flu.  I’ve had it for a week now and just so very over it.

I have had to stop all exercises, running, lifting weights, asylum, you name it, all of it. I’m on the sideline with zero energy.

The last time I did some exercise was Saturday 12th April, were I went for a 60min run.  My right shoulder was a bit achy which I thought was a bit odd, but otherwise I was feeling great. The next day I woke up with a killer sore throat. When it didn’t disappear by Wednesday I took myself to the doc to confirm what I already knew.  Tonsillitis.

A week later (Saturday) I walked up the street to place a few orders, drop off some library books and went to the op shop (thrift store), and picked up a bag of clothes (including a beautiful electric blue French Connection top all for $5). By the time I sat down for lunch I was miserable.  I had a temperature and just was plain miserable.

I then thought to myself well there goes my April Goal of running 100km for the month.

Then I thought “where do you draw the line when it comes to your wellness over your goals”?


Yes I have goals that I want to achieve, not only for the month of April but goals that I have in May (Spartan Race), and the rest of the year (like running 1000km in 2014).

Yes being sick sucks. Yet my health is also important to me.  There is no point working myself into the ground when I’m not completely better.  That would not only be unwise, stupid and silly, and would cause me to get an injury, which I wouldn’t want.

Then a friend said to me the other day:

Whenever I’m sick, I try to remember what it felt like to be well. Now, when I’m well, I take note so I can remember when I’m sick.

And ain’t that the truth.

Right now my focus is to get better.  My energy will return to me in due time.

What do you do to make yourself feel better when you are sick?
Have you ever been sidelined from a race/event because you’ve been ill?



Trailblazers 10km – You Yangs

trailblazer logo

While browsing Facebook one day I saw The Running Company Geelong post an up coming event they were a co-sponsor of.  This is how I came to learn about the My Physio Trailblazer event in the You Yangs.

I love trail running, there is no doubt about that.  I enjoy it more and more each time I’m out there, and at the moment I’m enjoying it over road running.  It’s fair to say that it is definitely something I plan on exploring more of in 2014.

One of my goals that I set for myself this year is to run at least 3 trail run events.  However I have stipulated that these said events need to be over 10km.

Enter The Trailblazer.

This was the first year that the Trailblazer ran, and I’m glad that I got to be apart of the event. I chose this event for a few reasons.  1, it was in the You Yangs, and I haven’t been there are years, and 2. It’s close to Werribee (where my parents live, so it’s close to my 2nd home).  So that’s a win win in my book.

The other plus was the price tag, it was under $30 which makes me one happy runner.

Thanks to daylight savings ended we got another 1 hours sleep, yay. Yet surely I can’t be the only one out there that still wakes up before the pre set alarm?

Trailblazer-BootCamp-WarmupWe drove to the You Yangs from Werribee and arrived there with plenty of time, to get my race kit, go to the loo and do a warm-up.

The owner over at Bootcamp Geelong did a dynamic warm-up for us, and yes I was one of the few up the front.  Why are people so afraid of being at the front? Please tell me why?

Then it was time for all of us to line up.  When I say all off us I mean the 10km runners and the 7km runners. I was one of the few who were up the front.  I’m not “fast” but I’ve done races, and well if there is space for me to be up there then I will be up there.

When the starting gun went off we raced off down the road.

As you can see in the picture the road actually splits because of a traffic island for approx 20 meters.  It didn’t alter the distance of the course in anyway though.

I guess you could say I had an advantage over others when it came to training for this event.  My home turf is exact conditions as this particular run.  It had a bit of everything, from bitumen, to gravel road, to single track trails, and to hills.

The first 3km were the same for the 7km runners and the 10km runners.  After that the 10km went right and did another loop while the 7kers turned left.

But let me back track just a little bit.

After the start gun went off we ran down the bitumen road, for about 100m then turned onto a gravel path.  I knew around the 500m mark that I was going way too fast.  It also didn’t help that we were on a slight decent.  I had to slow the pace down or otherwise I was going to burn out.

When my watch beeped indicating the 1km I noticed my pace: 4:25, indeed to fast, so I backed it up some more.  It was just as well I did, as from kilometer 2 to 3 was all uphill.  It was one of those deceptive hills, looked flat but it actually wasn’t.  I had some runners in front of me so I just told myself keep pace with them.  Over the course of that 1km hill I overtook a few runners, obviously that hill was harder on them than it was for me.  There was this one female runner (the only one I could see at the time) ahead of me, and I told myself, just keep pace with her.  As I slowly gained ground on her I was disappointed to discover she turned left (7km) while I turned right. Oh well, it happens.

I was now on single track and loving every bit of it.  One thing that I did notice was how incredible dry it was.  The You Yangs need rain (like we all do), but I also noticed that it’s an area that my kids would enjoy, so will have to come back for a day drip and do some walks.

The 5km marked the beginnings of the climbs of the You Yangs range. It also meant that I would be catching the tail end of the slower 7km runners and walkers. There wasn’t much of that I could do about, just warm them that I was coming through.

Sure the climb was tough, but I ran it, however slow it may have been. All that hill training in the Grampians obviously paid off. And the view from the top was worth it. It also meant that the hardest park of the run was over, it was now all downhill.


I really felt like I was flying coming down the mountain. Which made getting to the finish line more enjoyable.

I crossed the line in a time of 50:35.  Which is a pace of 5:08 per km / 8:08 per mile. Which I’m happy about.  Trail running is different to road running, but it’s a good evaluation of my race capabilities.

Best part was finding out my results.  I came 3rd in my age category, 9th female to finish, 40th overall runner (in the 10km run).  Not bad hey! Woohoo go me!

Overall I must say I was impressed with event.  It was well organised, volunteers were friendly and helpful and the course had varying terrain and would appeal to any newbie trail runner.

The other thing I want to mention is that I really enjoyed the roving MC.  He interviewed runners of varying ages and locations pre and post race.

I look forward to running this one again in next year.

Have you ever run a trail event?
Ever had a good result from a race? Tell me about it.

Virtual Coffee Date #1

Just the other day I actually had a coffee date (in a local cafe) with a few friends. It was great. It did however turned into lunch which turned into another coffee, and then it was school pick up.

I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I had a coffee date with friends (family don’t count, even though I love my fam – sorry guys).
So when Jill decided to do a Virtual Coffee Link up I decided I would be in.

Why a coffee date? Well it’s a chance to unwind, and relax with old friends and new.

If you don’t like coffee, go with tea or a hot chocolate, whatever floats your boat. I’m currently loving the Chai latte’s. However today I’m going with Turkish Apple Tea.coffee-runmum

So what would I tell you if we were sitting down for coffee.

I would tell you:

  • That I’m looking forward to my first trail race for the year. It’s a race I have never done before in a place I haven’t been to in over 20 years. Of course I will do a race recap.
  • I’ve just started Asylum Volume 2. I’ve had to watch the trainer dvd a few times, and when it comes to “the audition” i’m un-coordinated it’s laughable (I was laughing at myself), but I’m so loving this workout so far.
  • I’ve also started Nia Shanks Beautiful Badass workout.  It’s 5 foundation moves, and I can tell it’s going to help me intensely.
  • I have been testing out lots of new recipes, and I’m really enjoying cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
  • My order from Wiggle arrived!
    The shoes I had to return (sad face), but just getting them replaced in a different size (there sizing chart was incorrect and thus I got the wrong size).

So that’s what I would tell you.

If we were sitting down for coffee/tea/hot chocolate what would you tell me?




95 in March

I was going to title this post 95 reasons why March rocked. But then I thought wholly moly that’s a lot of reasons, and I don’t think my readers will get through 95 thoughts on why my March was great.  I don’t even know if I could even come up with 95 reasons why it rocked. So lets go with 9.5 reasons.

Yeah March was a great month of running, and here are 9 1/2 reason why it rocked my socks.

  1. I ran 95.24km (300m more than Feb)
  2. I ran in the Grampians twice (not enough, but still enjoyed it the same)
  3. I had a team for tough mudder
  4. I ran with my mum
  5. I no longer hate speedwork
  6. I read You! (Only faster)
  7. I read Born to run
  8. The 21km trail event for Run The Gap is live
  9. Got great advice about my running form

9.5 I decided on what trail shoes and hydration vest I wanted to invest in.

He is the break down for you.

RunMum Garmin March 2014Yeah I only wore the Heart Rate Monitor once, I don’t really care for it, but I should wear it when I do speed work.

Here is the “Run” down:

Jan - 71.12
Feb - 94.94
Mar - 95.24

Total – 261.30
To go – 738.7

Goals for April

  • Run 100km
  • Run 4 long runs over 10km
  • Run at least 3 trail runs in the Grampians.

How did your March go?
Any goals for April?
Any races coming up?

Hips, Gait & Running

On my recent trip to Melbourne for Tough Mudder I decided to do a tad of running window shopping.

I was in the market for a new hydration pack/vest to replace that of my current pack which is just not practical for trail running.  It’s great for hiking though, but it chaffs on my neck and trying to get my fuel is impractical.

Being the type of person I am, I like to do my research in advance.  I had a list of items I wanted to try and test, and the shops I wanted to visit.

My last stop for the morning was Running Fit.  This was the store that I was initially fitted for running shoes back in 2012.  The shoes I came away with on that particular day were the Ascis Kayano 18′s.  They were a great shoe, and I did love them, but after about 6 months the shape of my foot obviously changed and they no longer loved me (I ended up donating these shoes at the end of Tough Mudder).

While in Running Fit, I tried on the Nathan’s Women hydration pack, a couple of running jackets, and of course trail shoes (which is what I was in the market for).

The guy who helped me (he unfortunately wasn’t wearing a name tag, but lets just call him Orlando), was extremely helpful.  But what I got most out of my experience at Running Fit was a simple piece of advice that Orlando gave me while he was studying my gait on the treadmill.

I have known for a while that when I run, my leg kicks out.


No one has ever told me why it happens, or how to fix it. Until Orlando saw me run.  He then told me the reason why it happens.  My right hip is weak (knew that), and so my left hip over compensates, which results in the kick out in my gait.


This Photo is of me running in April 2013

The best part of my day was when Orlando told me which exercises I can do to help strengthen my hips.

After trying on some more shoes and making notes, he gave me a post-it-note of a website to look up The Gait Guys.

Needless to say I was wrapped.

Besides a new running hat, I left the store with a new found knowledge, and I was super excited.

So thank you Orlando, you made this chick-a-dee one happy mumma.

I have started to add new strength specific hip moves to my workout and I hope to see marked improvements in the coming months.

I will keep you posted.

Have you ever had your gait analysed?
Do you have any injuries that have prevented you from performing at your best?
What shoes are you currently running in?

Obstacles of Tough Mudder

TM Start

This round of Tough Mudder I knew what to expect from the obstacles.

The Tough Mudder Website is pretty comprehensive now (it didn’t use to be), with images of certain obstacles.

Hey I’m not stupid, I want to know what I’m getting into.  I know some people don’t want to know, but me, yeah I like to have a rough idea of what an obstacle is going to be *.

This time around we go issued a map.  Yay a map!

TM Melb Map

Not all the obstacles were listed, which is fair enough, there has to be some element of surprise.

Here are a list of some of obstacles that we encountered on our course.

Arctic Enema
Jumping into an ice bath, then having to go under a barrier to get to the other side. There is more ice on the other side so yes it is colder.
RunMum Rating – Hard, as you will get winded, and your muscles will tense up (4)
RunMum Training – Cold showers, swimming in a cold pool, running in the rain.

Mud Mile
Running/Walking through various thickness of mud.
RunMum Rating - 2
RunMum Training - Skiing, Wading through knee need water.
If you are with a team, hold each others hands, it does help with balance, as it will be slippery.

Tire Mountain
A pile of old tires of various sizes to get up and over.
RunMum Rating - 2
RunMum Training - Boldering/Hiking


Glory Blades
Think Berlin wall but angled towards you. You will need your team mates to help you over.
RunMum Rating - 4
RunMum Training - Pull ups, Box Jumps

Boa Constrictor
Crawling through a series of tunnels coming in and out of muddy water.
RunMum Rating - 3
RunMum Training - Plank holds, Commando crawling

Hold your Wood
Holding a block of wood approx 20kg, and then doing a walk/run loop
RunMum Rating - 2 **
RunMum Training – Carry your 5 year old around the block. Don’t have a child? How about a bag of potatoes instead.

Balls to the WallTM Balls to the Wall
Rope Climb over a 2.5m wall.
There was a wait when we got to this obstacle, it did get congested. Some people were a lot faster than others (men especially)
The rope doesn’t go all the way to the ground, so you will need to use your strength (what’s left) to get to the first tier. The rope will also be muddy, so it will be hard to get a grip. You may need your team mates to help you up this one.
RunMum Rating - 5
RunMum Training – Rope climb, Pull Ups

Twinkle Toes
Balancing on Logs of wood over a water course.  Sounds easy? Tough Mudder have added tires on the wood for you to get over as well.
RunMum Rating – 3.5
RunMum Training – Balance Beam

Electric Eel
Yes water and electricity, great mix! You’ll need lots of grit for this one.
Commando crawl through muddy water with electric wires hanging down, yep you will get zapped. They put the ones at the end down lower so be prepared to get stung.
RunMum Rating - 8
RunMum Training - Commando crawl, Mountain Climbers
If you have a trampoline that’s really static-y, then I recommend getting use to that zap, as that’s similar to what you will experience on course.

Just The Tip
A new obstacle for 2014, inspired by rock climbers.
Shimmy across a ledge with minimal foot holds. But wait their’s a gap in the middle. Prepare to fall, as the ledge is wet and muddy and hard to hold on too.
RunMum Rating - 5
RunMum Training - Pull ups.

Leap of Faith
Think walk the plank meets cargo net. If you miss the net, expect to get wet.
RunMum Rating - 5
RunMum Training - Box Jumps, Pull up’s.

TM - Legionaire detourLegionaries Section
This was the section that was just for me and past mudders.
A short detour found us with our obstacle – A Net.
The objective with this obstacle was to lift the net so that we had to crawl/hunch underneath it, and then then proceed up a hill for approx 20 meters.
TM Legionare's Net
RunMum Rating - 4
RunMum Training - Swimming, Squats, Wall Sits.
Now if you are thinking swimming?, let me explain. The quickest way to power through this obstacle is to move the net over your head with your arms, just like a swimmer (backstroke).
I really enjoyed this obstacle, and the bonus, the volunteer told me and the girl I did it with that we were the fastest he had seen all day. Win!

Funky Monkey
Monkey Bars over a watercourse.
If you can get your hands dried this well help alot.
The bars also move, so make sure you have a good grip, because if you get an ill grip *** you will fall into water.
RunMum Rating - 5
RunMum Training - Pull up’s, Chin ups, Sit ups.
TM - Everest

Mount Everest
Run up a Half Pipe.
You’ll need speed to get to the top without any help. Otherwise go hard and jump for a helping hand.
You will be tired, and the pipe will be slippery with mud and water.
RunMum Rating - 7
RunMum Training - Sprints, Lunges, Box Jumps & Pull ups.

The Legionnaire’s 3′s 
As a past mudder I didn’t have to do electroshock therapy.  I had my own special obstacles to get through.
Part 1 – Hail Bales. Leaping from bale to bale.
Part 2 – Crawling through a muddy trench.
Part 3 – Climbing up and over on a spider net.
RunMum Rating - 5
RunMum Training - Box Jumps, Jumping Lunges (Mary Janes), Commando Crawling, Bear Crawls, Pull ups.

The bonus course wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. And although I didn’t have to do Electroshock Therapy, I took one for my team.

Electroshock Therapy
Run through hanging wires to get to the finish line. Your fear of getting zap will stop you with this one.
RunMum Rating - 6.5
RunMum Training - Sprints, Breaststroke.
Use your arms to get the wires out of the way.
Or you could be like my mum and walk through, less likely to get zapped, but you will hold up the obstacle for the others.  I say just get it over and down with and sprint through it.


Team PinnacleFootnotes

1 * This also helps to train specific in area’s that may not be my strong suit.

2 ** I’m giving this a rating of 2 this year as it was so much easier than last year. Why? Well we had dry wood, and dry wood is a lot lighter. In Jan 2013 the wood was obviously a tree that was recently felled, and those logs were so heavy I struggled to carry it around the course. Last years rating would have been a 7.

3 ***  This happened to me.  I was so close too, right at the very end! ARGH! I had 2 maybe 3 rungs to go but I got an ill grip on one of the bars, and that was it, I fell into the water. I was not happy to say the least. But a huge improvement on last year, where I failed right at the beginning.

I’m a Tough Mudder x2

This blog post is specifically about the overall event. I will do an obstacle blog post soon.


It’s official. I am a Tough Mudder x 2!

Tough Mudder Finisher

Not only did I earn another orange headband, I also earned a green headband too!

It’s official I’m a 2 times #toughmudder finisher pic.twitter.com/vxM4fMS6sy — Matilda Iglesias (@MatildaIglesias) March 23, 2014

Tough Mudder is now recognising repeat mudders. Every time you complete another Tough Mudder you earn a new colour headband.  How awesome is that!

Ok so now onto the race recap.

Team Pinnacle had 3 awesome members in it.
Team Captain – Myself
VIP 1 – Mum
VIP 2 – Paul

For me and mum It all began at 5:45am when the alarm went off.  I had packed my kit and laid out my clothes the night before.

Tough Mudder Kit As a team we decided to all wear our Run The Gap Shirts (from 2012).  Mum didn’t have one, so I got one for her to use *.

I also chose some DriFit running shorts (as they had in built undies in them), pro compression socks and an old pair of runners.

Pay attention to the weather report! I thought I would be ok with the shorts. Last year I wore leggings. I should have gone with the leggings again this year.  Let me tell you I was cold.  The shivering cold for most of the race.

I totally recommend compression socks, I got no blisters and I wasn’t weighed down further from mud attached to my socks and my shoes.

Anyway back to the story.

On our way to Phillip Island we stopped over in Brighton East to pick up a fellow mudder in need of a lift **.

We arrived at the Tough Mudder car park just before 9am.  Josh (the fellow mudder in need) had volunteered the day before so had free parking.  Win saved $10 on parking.

I then called Paul and told him I’d meet him over at registration. Once there we picked up our race kits and dropped off our bags ***.

After that we decided to sneak into the 10am wave.  The 9:40am wave was already being called for, so we decided as a team that we would just go now and be finished 20 minutes earlier.

I was pumped and nervous.  I also wanted to look after my mum. She’s 65, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go out hard and fast.  Paul and I made a promise “we start as a team, we end as a team”. And so we did.

Tough Mudder Start

Overall I had a great time, besides getting the odd cramp and being icy cold.

The volunteers were fantastic, they really do help to make the event.  Sure some things could have worked a bit better, but it’s a huge event of course there are going to be hiccups. I might look into volunteering at a future event.

Coming over the finish line as a team was an awesome feeling.  I was so proud of my mum. She did it, sure it took us 4h20m (yes a lot longer than last year, but we were going at as fast as our slowest VIP), but we did it.  I even took one for the team.  As a past mudder I didn’t have to do electro-shock therapy.  I had my own special obstacle to do. But as I said we are a team, and if my other team members have to do it, then so do I. We sucked it up got zapped and all made it to the finish line in one piece.

The beer at the finish line wasn’t that bad, but I’m not a beer drinker.  Solo (the drink) wasn’t a sponsor this year, which is a shame.  It would have been nice to have an alternative drink other than beer. Some of us don’t like alcohol.  Some of us can’t drink alcohol (for medical or personal reasons), and some of us have to drive home. If I was handed a hot drink I would have hugged whoever gave it to me.  Yeah I was freezing.

After a pathetic shower in an attempt to get clean.  I was clean-ish, dry-ish but most importantly rugged up in track pants, my new tough mudder shirt and my jacket to get warm.  It took food and a hot chai latte for me to feel semi normal again.

Browsing the store I picked up another Tough Mudder shirt. Sure it wasn’t the one I wanted to get (a shark/penguin event t-shirt) as they had none in small (they were a unisex size), but that’s the price you pay when you do the event on a Sunday and not Saturday (the main day). Popular stuff will sell out fast.

We asked the MC to put an announcement over for Josh, so we could take him home, and then we all piled in the car and made the journey back to our homes.


Before you ask, yes I have signed up for 2015. Yeah I’m that crazy.

Stay tuned, an obstacle blog post will be up soon.


1 * – If you do decide to enter a team I strongly recommend creating or having the same shirts. It does help for you to stand out in the crowd.

2 ** – How this came about was that I was looking at the Tough Mudder Facebook page. I was looking at the various comments and pictures. I then noticed that someone posted that they needed a lift. I sent them a message. I figured why not we have to go that way anyway, it would only be a small detour.
So that was my good deed for the day.

3 *** – It would have been nice if Tough Mudder had told us prior to the event in our email packs that it would cost $5 to drop off our bag. They told us about the parking charge, but not the bag drop off charge. This I was disappointed about, as last year (2013) it was free.

Silverband Falls

If you are expecting a race recap from yesterdays Tough Mudder event, well hold your horses because it is coming, I need to recover first.  In the mean time enjoy this post about our bushwalking adventure to Silverband Falls.

Early in the day I was dropped off at Tunnel Road so I could do my Bellfield Fireline run, while the kids travelled into Halls Gap. Once I got home had a hot shower and something to eat the kids were of course bored.

By now it had stopped raining so we decided to strike while the iron is hot and go for a walk, and get those kids to burn some energy.

We decided on Silverband Falls because with the rain that we were having it was sure to be flowing.

Miles protested “no I don’t want to go”. Yep we are still at that stage. It’s frustrating, but such is life. But mums know best, and I knew he was going to have a good time.

After a short drive we headed to the Silverband Falls Car park. Once there Miles charged ahead. There was no stopping him now.

SilverbandsFalls-WalkCan you see that small yellow blip on the path? Yeah that’s him.  Not so depressed and bored. He was in his element now.

The walk to the falls is perfect for young kids, it’s short enough that they don’t get tired, and interesting enough to keep them entertained.


See, water! I don’t think I have seen water in Silverband for a long time.  It was nice to see it flowing again.

The kids had a great time exploring the rocks and the river beds.



So going back to the boy who “I don’t want to go”, well he had a great time, so much so that he didn’t want to leave.  Until of course he fell over while running back to the car and then the tears started.

Did you ever go bushwalking as a kid?
Have you taken your kids bushwalking?
Ever been injured while out hiking?

Tough Mudder Checklist

Well it’s here, it has arrived. In 2 days time (Sunday) myself and my team will be accepting the challenge of Tough Mudder. For others they will be completing their challenge tomorrow (Saturday)

This will mark my 2nd Tough Mudder event, but it will also my first as apart of a team. Go Team Pinnacle!

Which is why I have decided to do a checklist.

Before the event

  • Training
    • Start a half marathon training plan (don’t worry about time, you just want to get the distance into your legs).
    • Weight training ie pull ups, burpees, lunges, squats.
    • Train in weather that is hot, cold & most importantly – wet.
  • Practice training with fuel
    • Banana’s will be supplied on the course however you may need a pick me up before you get to a fuel station.
    • Test out what works for you, as some of you may prefer real food, others may be fine with gels.
  • Print off your ticket. Also store it on your phone via dropbox or google drive (for just in case)
  • Print off your death waiver (and a spare, you just never know when you will need it).

Tough Mudder Melbourne aka Phillip Island, and yes you may see fairy/little penguins.


Race Day

In your Tough Mudder bag make sure you have the following:

  • Tough Mudder ticket
  • Signed & initialled Death Waiver
  • Cash
    • This is for parking & anything you may want to buy
    • Atm’s will be available however just bring cash
  • Old DriFit Clothing
    • It will get muddy stained, dirty and possibly even damaged.  So don’t wear your good threads.
  • Old running shoes
    • The type of shoes you can donate/giveaway at the end of the race
    • Yes a skip will be supplied for you to donate your ‘muddy’ shoes
  • Towel x2
    • 1 large, 1 small
  • Shower stuff
    • Shower gel is supplied however it’s not much, so just bring your own
  • Change of clothes
    • Check the weather, and bring something warm to wear.
  • Sunscreen
    • I forgot to bring this last time, and I got wind burn. Sunscreen would have prevented this.
  • Hat & Gloves
    • This is totally optional. Personally I wouldn’t wear a hat. It will just get in the way with some obstacles
    • If you choose to wear gloves, makes sure they are weight lifting ones, and ones that you don’t care will get ruined by mud and water.
  • Food & Drink
    • Yes there will be caravans with food supplies. However you may not like what is on offer, but I bet you wont care cause you will seriously be starving.
    • Personally I hope the crepe van is there again. Oh my word, the prosciutto crepe I had was divine!
    • If you however suffer from allergies or food sensitivities then I strongly recommend bring your own food to enjoy after you complete the race.

Most importantly go out have fun and CRUSH IT!



Bellfield Fireline

For my last long run before Tough Mudder I thought I would tackle the 2nd half of the 21km Run The Gap Trail Run. The Bellfield Fireline.

I started at Tunnel Road, Pomonal side, and made my way over the mountain towards Tandara Road.


It was quite an adventure.  About 100m in from taking this photo I stopped to remove a branch that was blocking the track.  It was hanging by bark alone.  I figured it would make for good Tough Mudder training.

The only problem was, once I got it out of the way, I forgot to restart my watch.  I didn’t realise this until about 500 meters later when I looked at my watch expecting to hear for the 1km lap when I got nothing. (Yes I can tell when I’ve run for time and distance.) Oh well it happens, I just kept moving.

Once I got to the other side, I encountered a bush walker.  I nodded hello while he let me pass (I was going downhill) and made my way.

Normally when I’m out running I barely come across anyone.  This time around was not the case.  It’s quite possibly because I was running later than I normally would. Usually when I go out running it’s around 8-9am.  This time around it was more like 11am.

About the halfway point I bumped into a group of bushwalkers who were heading towards Tunnel Rd.  They wanted to know how much further. I told them about 5kms, and to expect 2 big hills around the corner.

It was then the skies opened up and it poured with rain.  I didn’t mind, it was already humid, and I was already hot, so the coolness of the cold rain was a welcomed relief.

I really enjoyed this run, yes the hills were hard, and I did stop and walk for some of the hills, but overall I powered through this run, and I look forward to doing it again.

Enjoy the images I took along the way.

The only disappointing thing was discovering I partly damaged my shoe (insert sad face), but that’s just an excuse to go shoe shopping. I think trail shoes are a must now.

When was the last time you hit the trails?
Do you own trail shoes?
Are you planing on participating in Run The Gap?