Year of Your: Real

Being real is about taking the time and making the effort to be genuine with people, but most importantly with you. Sure, I have flaws.  I can get snappy, and grumpy and stressed.  Who doesn’t?  I, however, don’t let it define me. How do you keep it real? Be unapologetically you.  The sincere you, flaws […]

53 Tuesdays #15

The shed project is slowly coming together. With the framework up, most of the sheeting is now in place.  Some are panels are painted some are not. We had planned to paint them all before they went up, but with the wind and change of seasons, it started to become an issue, with tiny peppercorn […]

Journey to Ultra

The day the seed was planted on running an Ultra was the day I ran Surf Coast Century (Leg 3), back in September 2017. I never wanted to run a marathon,  yet a 50km trail event sounded highly appealing. Trail running and road running are very different, and I enjoy both for very different reasons. […]