High Five Friday #14

So last week I was working, and just super busy, and didn’t allow enough time to do a blog.  So High Five Friday never happened. But it’s here today! So lets get to it. Five Pictures First up I just want to mention that these photo’s are not in chronological order. That’s just how the […]

High Five Friday #13 on a Monday… opps

Normally I’m good at scheduling my posts, but with a hetic week, my high five Friday post, just didn’t happen. Saturday rolled around, and well yeah, life got in the way. So I thought Yeah Sunday, it’s not quite Friday, but it will do. Yeah, that didn’t happen either. It’s now Monday.  Opps sorry bout […]

Taking a Stack

As the weather was going to be a hot one on the weekend. I rescheduled my long run to a cooler day during the week, then organised a tempo run with a friend for Saturday morning instead. I’ve been lacking motivation to go fast lately.  I know I’m fully capable of going fast.  Yet when […]