High Five Friday #21

It seriously does not feel like 2 weeks has past. School holidays have been and gone.  I swear days keep merging into one another. It has been one seriously cold winter here for us.  Hasn’t been this cold in ages.  I’m not going to complain about it because we have been getting a lot more […]

Music: Junester

Compiling a music list can be challenge. Some songs just don’t work together, even though you may like them, music flow is important to me. This list of songs is a mish mash of this and that. Yes there are songs that have been featured in other lists, but hey if you like a song, […]

Recap: Run June

June was the month for running.  My previous running streak was 4 days.  Yep only 4 days.  I can offically state that I have SMASHED that thanks to Run June. Run June was a little challenge that I set myself.  The challenge was simple, to run everyday for 30 consecutive days. The minimum distance being […]